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The Wave

Whether you want to view it as a high-end preamplifier with a built in magnificent DAC or a Converter with 4 extra analog inputs is up to you. It starts with 4 digital inputs spanning the AES/EBU, SPDIF, Toslink and ST formats. February 2002 brought us a new 24 bit 96KHz digital to analog converter board designed by Fred Forssell. We merged this new DAC with an improved tube stage and added two analog balanced AND two unbalanced inputs. Outboard power supply too. Three sets of outputs and a processor loop are also all switchable from the front panel AND (big news...) REMOTE CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANLEY's first piece with remote control is a total "over-killer" The *entire* faceplate can also be operated by the remote, especially and finally including the volume control.

The WAVE is a unique product combining a killer 24/96 Digital to Analog Converter with a full-featured audiophile analog vacuum tube preamplifier. It is one of the very few products equally at home as the heart of a professional Mastering studio facility as it is as the centerpiece of an audiophile home system. The combination of features and functions came about from analyzing existing systems and finding them functional but lacking in elegance in signal flow, operational convenience, and synergy. We set out to build something we wanted in our own living rooms, something that could be upgraded as new standards evolved, and something that could be flexible to work with mixed balanced, unbalanced, analog, and digital connections. A swiss army knife of sorts...

The digital board used in the first generation units, (the "First Waves" as it were) was designed around the ULTRAANALOG 20-bit DACs, the AES-21 jitter reduction input module, and the Pacific Microsonics HDCD decoder. This chipset ruled the 1990's audiophile digital world. In early 2002 we commissioned an excellent 24 bit, 96KHz DAC board design from talented designer Fred Forssell for the second generation units, in current production as of this writing. The WAVE accepts four digital inputs in the following formats: AES, SPDIF, TOSLINK, and ST Glass Fiber. The four analog inputs come as stock 2 RCA + 2 XLR. Other configurations can be custom-ordered as desired. To provide extra flexibility in system integration, we have included an Insert Loop (term borrowed from the recording studio world) perhaps more commonly referred to as a Tape Loop or Processor Loop in Audiophile-land. Three outputs are provided: outputs 2 and 3 can be switched; output 1 is always on.