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Fully Balanced Circuit Design
The AMP6300 is a pure A class single ended amplifier offering high
power coupled with excellent linearity and efficiency. The entire circuitry
is fully balanced, from input signal entry to where the output meets
the speaker terminal. This enables a radical reduction in noise and
distortion, and a major improvement in sound quality. Furthermore, the
left and right signals are processed through independent, dedicated
circuitries to achieve channel separation and high-quality stereo imaging.
CEC’s Original Circuitry
The AMP6300, similarly to other existing CEC amplifiers, takes a
minimalist approach by featuring only an input selector and gain
management control, and omitting the preamp section. Its DIGM
(Digital Intelligent Gain Management) system adjusts volume digitally
by switching metal-film resistors with a unique array of bipolar class-A
switches. It digitally recalibrates the amplifier gain in 66 steps, without
dividing and downgrading the input signal. This DIGM volume control
enables digital adjustment of the left and right output balance, with no
dilution to the input signal and without extending the signal path, in
1dB increments up to +10dB.
Advanced LEF Circuitry
The AMP6300’s state-of-the-art LEF circuitry, free of negative feedback
circuitries that affect the sound signal, achieves high output and high
quality audio reproduction unaffected by characteristic faults on the
transistor side. The newest version of the LEF further improves stability
and sound quality.
190W+190W (8Ω) Output Power
A 600W toroidal transformer combined with over 100000μF of low
inductivity energy storage makes the AMP6300 far more powerful than
its predecessor. The AMP6300 achieves a very high 190W+190W(8Ω)
output power.
16x15A Power Transistors
The AMP6300 is equipped with sixteen 15A power transistors to
maintain high power even under complex loads, improving thermal
reliability and ensuring safe operation at all times.
Two Balanced and Three Unbalanced RCA Input Connections
The AMP6300 features two balanced XLR input connections, enabling
connection to external units with balanced outputs, such as high-
quality CD players. System integrity is maintained for RCA connections
by converting the unbalanced signal to a balanced signal at the point
of entry to the amplifier. Top-of-the-line custom made parts are used
for the RCA terminals.
●Two-stage Input Sensitivity
The AMP6300 offers a 6dB-gain option independently for each input
connection, for balancing output volumes between different sources.
This minimizes the volume adjustments required when alternating
sources between CD/DVD players and 0dBU tuners/phonograph
Internal Temperature Control System
The AMP6300 monitors its internal temperature with a sensor and
automatically controls airflow within its cooling system, with help
from its proprietary, virtually noise-free ferromagnetic bearing fan,
maintaining thermal conditions optimal. A large heatsink which covers
30% of its base contributes to create the airflow. This cooling system
is digitally controlled and keeps the amplifier temperature within safety
Alphanumeric VF-Display
A wide VF-display conveys functional information including volume,
L/R balance and internal temperature.
Mixed Material Enclosure
The AMP6300 uses steel for its housing, aluminum for its top and front
panels, and “Acoustone”, a hybrid ceramic material which reduces
mechanical resonances. Its hybrid structure maximizes effectiveness in
reducing mechanical vibrations.
Deluxe Aluminum Extruded Remote Control Unit
All functions, except power ON/OFF, are controllable by the remote
control unit.