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M250i Mono Power Amplifier

Phenomenal Power

Just think of how you love the clarity of the small class A amp, the fluid softness of the tubes and the sheer power of the mosfets. Ever wondered why you can´t have it all at the same time?
Well don´t. The GamuT M250i power amplifiers combines all the advantages and adds a power potential that will blow your mind. 


The M250i is using the naturally balanced power supply and the GamuT WormHole wires. Both essential parts and developed for our monstrous GamuT RS380M reference amplifier. On top of this the M250i is adjusted for more maximum current output and the electric circuitry has been fine tuned for even more delicate reproduction.

The transistor is a great invention for amplification in general. It´s effective on power, energy consumption and production cost. So far, so good. The flipside of it is however that transistors do not carry the same sound characteristics as even if they are built together on the same day. So a powerful amplifier made with 32 transistors is more likely to sound like a choir than a single and clear voice.

To achieve the purity and clarity that our clients demand, we have come up with a very simple and very effective solution. We only use one transistor, but a very large one indeed. Using a single massive transistor allows us to tune them to sonic perfection and lay out a much simpler signal path. The transistors we use are massively expensive, but we think it´s worth it, and you might agree when you hear our amplifiers perform.