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Gauder Akustik

You are a HiFi- and a music enthusiast. And so are we. We design, manufacture and distribute loudspeakers. We create and design them in such a unique way that when you listen to them you can feel how far our products are ahead of the products of our competitors. We care about every small detail to bring the sound of our loudspeakers up to a new level in HiFi.

Many national and international awards, reviews and publications - formerly received under our old brand name "Isophon" - show our international standing and knowledge in HiFi.

Manufacturing everything by ourselves we can really state our products are Made in Germany. You can feel, see and hear it, incredible finish quality and amazingly natural sound. It doesn’t matter if you listen to jazz, pop or classical music you will immediately feel the music touching your soul so deeply that you know what all these new technologies of rib construction cabinets, symmetrical frequency crossovers of ultra high-slope or our custom-made drivers are made for. Our loudspeakers are not normal HiFi, they build a virtual stage image!

This is what we are standing for: GAUDER AKUSTIK - Loudspeakers for Life!