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The first loudspeaker to be matched to your room

There is always the prejudice that big reference-speakers need a big room to show their strengths. As normal livingrooms differ a lot from acoustically optimized studios we integrated a sophisticated room equalization system into the Arabba.

Many living-rooms sound bright with long reverberation. Put the equalization bridge into the “Low“-position to take away the sharpness. An overdamped room always sounds boring. Here the “High“-position is of course benefitial. Start in the “Linear“-position to get a good feeling for the acoustical properties of your room.

The bass response, too, can be adapted to your room. Small rooms prefer the “Low“- position while large rooms need the “High“-position. Of course you can use the „Low“-position in small rooms if you like a big bass or if you want to compensate the ear’s low sensitivity for deep frequencies when played in low loudness.

Why a frequency crossover?

Like practically all renowned reference loudspeakers in the world the Arabba is a three-way loudspeaker. This means that the frequency range between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz is divided into three sections: the bass, midrange and highs which are irradiated by different drivers. This is recommendable because woofers have to be big and heavy and tweeters small and light.

The frequency crossover is a complicated circuit made up of resisitors, capacitors and inductors which direct the three frequency regions to their corresponding drivers. Unfortunately the use of only a single capacitor and an single inductor leads to poor separation and the drivers overlap over a very broad frequency band. Moreover, each of them gets too much electric power which results in poor dynamics and low power capability. Up to now frequency filters up to the order that means with 24 db/octave steepness were thought to be the highest feasible separation. The Arabba goes far beyond that: The Arabba works with a unique steepness of separation of more than 50 dB/octave!

Prejudices often mentioned against steep filters causing loss in dynamics and spaciousness are definitely destroyed by the Arabba – exactly these features are its strengths! Excellent power handling with high acoustical output, no sharpness in the highs and a realistic natural response even at high output levels will convince you of our concept of the Arabba.You just need to sit down and listen to some seconds of your favorite tracks and you can tell the difference!
Bauteile Further reasons for the Arabba to play on such a high level are the excellent components used inside. Silver-oil filled foil-capacitors, foil-inductors, air-core inductors for lowest distortion, transfomer-like inductors, all from Mundorf/Germany for lowest resistance and high amplifier damping, WBT-terminal connectors as well as many other highest quality components selected by the ear feature the long list of Arabba’s ingredients.
You see that the Arabba is in all details one of the most sophisticated speakers in the world! Just waiting for to tempt you!

Welcome to the Pleasuredome – Arabba

The Arabba is a big, a really big speaker. It is deep and mighty. And this is the way it plays. But the Arabba cares for music, looks for details and brings out the space and the air around the musicians. It breathes when the singer breathes. The Arabba transports the soul of music – the pleasure and joy to listen to. The Arabba is a superspeaker!

KeramikmitteltönerCeramic diaphragms
High Tech Made in Germany

Since more than 20 years now the company of Accuton/Thiel in Germany is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of ceramic diaphragms for loudspeakers. These diaphragms are hard to manufacture because they are thin and fragile but unite contradictionary properties like low weight, high hardness and stiffness in them. These properties are crucial for good diaphragms. The high speed of sound of ceramics shifts partial-waves and resonances into the inaudible region where they can be cut off by steep frequency crossovers. These diaphragms enable us to use our unique frequency crossover technology with more than 50 dB/octave of steepness in an audiophile way.

Twaron The same is true for the properties of the diamond tweeter. Not only is diamond light and stiff, it is also the hardest material and the one with the best heatdissipation. The high heat-dissipation is extremely important for loudspeakers as it prevents the voice-coil from being heated. The resulting higher resistance leads to a reduction in dynamics and decreases resolution. The Arabba’s steep filtering crossover avoids this problem completly. The Arabba’s tweeter is therefore almost indestructable and brings out any detail in the music.

The cabinet and the inner structure –
hidden secrets opened here

A loudspeaker is not a musical instrument. Resonances due to vibrating enclosure walls are a desired property of all musical instruments leading to the special sound and tone of them. In contradiction loudspeaker enclosures must not vibrate as this leads to dramatic coloration of sound. Enclosure resonances distort and interfere every musical signal leading to an undesired intrinsic sound. To solve this problem we go new ways. The damping of resonances and sound shielding is not achieved by thick and heavy wooden plates but by a tricky combination of different materials and their composition. The inner layer of the sidewalls is formed by a three-layered plywood followed by two MDF-boards with slits running all the way down from the top to the bottom of the cabinet. A hard plasticlayer with the alminum layer on it closes the walls. All these layers are bent and glued together under pressure giving the drop-shaped, stiff enclosure wall.

But the sand filling really is the clou: before mounting thetop cover fine-grained quartz sand is filled into the slits of the MDF-boards from top to bottom. These 33 pounds of quartz sand increase stiffness and damping of the cabinet in an ideal way. Vibrations are highly damped and sound dissipation is suppressed. Stiffening boards inside the cabinet additionally prevent the walls from vibrating. The cabinets cover is built up of two MDF-boards with a high-damping bitume-plate in between. Each one of the woofers has its own damped and vented inner-enclosure, the midrange-driver works on its own wool-damped closed chamber. You see: extreme efforts to eliminate all disturbing “enclosure sound”.

Twaron As the first loudspeakers in the world the Cassiano and Arabba introduce a new, revolutionary damping material called “Twaron”. Twaron was selected from us after various listening tests. It suppresses all air resonaces inside the midrange enclosure without damping the transparency of the midrange driver. Please concentrate especially on the reproduction of the air around instruments and voices when listening. Twaron makes the difference!

CES 2007: The isophon Arabba has been awarded "Best sound of the show" by Stereotimes Magazine! (Craig Fitzpatrick, Reviewer Stereotimes,

Winner of Stereoplay listening course at High End 2007, Munich (Octave Jubilee + isophon Arabba, overall score: 1.39).