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Tofana – On The Way to Ultimate Sound

Building a reference speaker which sets new standards in sound and performance was the ambitious goal we set us when planning the design of the Tofana. We didn’t care about loudness – a big speaker is certainly able to play loud – we laid our focus on the reproduction of details, spatial imaging, transparency and of course on naturality. So we now introduce the Tofana – and we are proud of it!

Easy Equalization

The bass response in any room depends on room size, geometry, loudspeaker placement, listening position and the  taste of the listener. You see these are a lot of variables which cannot be fulfilled in a perfect way by a universal tuned  bass response. You need adjustment possibilities. The Tofana therefore owns a threefold room equalization set-up by  simply plugging a gold plated bridge into the adjustment sockets. You can choose  - 1.5 dB, linear response and + 1.5  dB. As in echoic listening rooms the highs can get sharp due to multiple reflections from floor, ceiling, walls and windows  the highs are also adjustable by such a bridge very easily.

The Drivers

There are many materials for loudspeaker diaphragms but there is no one like ceramics. No other material has such  a lot of positive properties for radiating sound. Ceramic diaphragms are hard, stiff and light and have practically no intrinsic sound. Due to weight and stiffness they are able to follow even explosively rising impulses without delay and therefore sound trans-parent, open and very dynamically. And they only produce very low distortions, most of them showing themselves out of the passband. And our sophisticated, unique crossover technology eliminates them completely.

The Cabinet

Every loudspeaker cabinet has more or less a deep influence on the radiated sound – some frequencies are amplified, some are suppressed and dynamics is often reduced strongly. All these effects lead to coloration of sound and loss of details. Also bass changes the sound of the midrange and tweeter.  Therefore the Tofana consist of two totally separated and decoupled cabinets. The walls of the woofer cabinet consist of three thick layers which are bent and glued together and show hardness and stiffness. Additionally each sidewall is filled with quartz-sand inside thus dampening low resonances and sound spreading. In contrary the midrange-tweeter-unit is  filled with cast resin too be extremely hard which results in a very dynamical response. So due to the bent shape and additionally stiffening and lining inside the Tofana features extreme efforts to reduce all different effects of cabinet influences on sound. You will hear it immediately!

Tofana is manufactured and handcrafted with great care in our facility in Renningen/Germany. So extra request are possible. You can order your Tofana in piano high-gloss black, piano high-gloss white or any other color due to the German RAL-chart.

Frequency Crossover

Due to the high speed of sound ceramics show bad resonances only at very high frequencies which can be eliminated by a high-performance frequency crossover. “High performance” means that the crossover has a very high slope to eliminate all the otherwise occuring distortions. Therefore we have developed frequency croossover  filters which have a slope of more than 50 dB/octave (e.g. a usual frequency crossover of first order which are used by many manufacturers only show a slope of  6 dB/octave). This ultra-high slope also reduces distortions as all drivers only have to work at frequencies they are really designed for. In fact this also increases the power capability and dynamics. With such a configuration it is easily audible that different types of crossover components sound different even though they have the same physical value.

The Entire Device is More than Its Single Parts

A reference speaker like the Tofana easily shows its listener that different crossover components alter the sound in a certain way. E.g. an electrolytic capacitor sounds  different than a silver-oil foil capacitor. In the design process of the Tofana we have tried so many different types of inductors and capacitors. We searched for harmony between these individual sound components. You can always judge a speaker by certain characteristics but by the Tofana we always looked for the overall emotional balance which makes music worth listening and is respon - sible for the deep emotions we have. In the end we all find that the Tofana plays extremely close to the original creating realistic sizes of instruments and voices and opening a deep and wide stage. You just have to close your eyes to be led into this world.