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Berlina RC 7

The schematic structure of the BERLINA RC 7

The drawing aside shows the inner structure in detail and the dimensions of the RC 7. The blue ribs are additionally stiffened to extend the overall cabinet stiffness, the full material ribs (red) separate the woofer chamber (middle) from the midrange cabinet (up) and from the frequency crossover chamber (below).

The Innovative Cabinet Structure

Responsible for the natural, transparent sound of the BERLINA RC 7 is the new horizontal rib construction of the cabinet. It eliminates sound coloration and cabinet vibrations.

In contradiction to the classical construction method no boards are glued together but 38 mm thick moulded pieces of wood which show the shape of a rib are aligned one over the other and then screwed together. To eliminate vibration spreading there are 3 mm thick soft-fibre ribs coated with silicone between each two ribs which dampen sound spreading. All the ribs have a special shape and varying thickness to cut off resoances in them. There are also some ribs which are additionally stiffened by a cross between them.

All in all there are eight different ribs all of them having a special task to fulfill. The bottom rib carries integrated spikes for leveling and height adjusting. 

In extensive tests and measurements we have had many single parameters in focus which are responsible for sound coloration, like e.g. cabi net material, wall thickness, geometry, internal dampening, stiffening, wall dampening, damping material etc. The RC 7 now is the essence of all these research efforts. All the mentioned parameters are in perfect balance – a cabinet so ingenious like never before in HiFi.


Ceramics And Diamond – Materials of The 21st Century

Ceramics is the material fo the new upcoming century. It has some unique acoustical and dynamical properties (e.g. weight, stiffness, speed of sound, etc.) which make it perfect for loudspeaker diaphragm use. Once you have heard it you will never forget its transparency and impulse response.

You will feel the very low bass of the BERLINA RC 7 together with this unbelievable bass control and detail fidelity. The Berlina bass really gives you the kick!

Fine details, power, transparency and clarity are strong attributes for the midrange driver. With its light diaphragm and its ultra-strong Nd-Fe-Br-magnet it shows a resolution which is far beyond everything known.

It is well-known that the Accuton tweeters belong to the best in the world. So we are proud to introduce our newly-designed tweeters to the BERLINA RC 7. They sound even more detailed than before but most important they do not sound sharp or aggressive but smooth and fine. For long listening sessions and stressless hearing!


The Crossovers of the BERLINA RC 7

With separate crossovers for bass and the mid-high-frequency range and a totally isolated chamber inside the cabinet for it the BERLINA RC 7 additionally sets new standards in loudspeaker design. Moreover, this chamber is vented by a slit at the bottom and one at the back just beneath the terminal to keep the crossover working thermally stable.

As the first speaker in the world the BERLINA RC 7 uses a totally symmetrical crossover circuitry with a slope of more than 50 dB/octave. This all leads to a music reproduction which is almost free of distortions and dynamical compression effects so as to keep music authentic and joyful for any listener. Hint: Even played low the BERLINA RC 7 sounds warm, strong and full of details like you have never it before from other loudspeakers.