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Berlina RC 11

4-way-loudspeaker system with the unique diamond-midrange and diamond-tweeter by Accuton customized for us. Highpass-filtered fourfold bassreflex system. Three separate, decoupled enclosures with extremely low bass. No limts in resolution or dynamics. “Best loudspeaker in the World” (stereoplay 1/2012).

The BERLINA RC 11 is even more extensive than BERLINA RC 7 and BERLINA RC 9.The cabinet consists of three separated enclosures, two for the two bass-units and the mid-high-section which is placed in ear-height between the two woofer-units. Thus no bass vibrations can affect the mid-highsection in any way. The stones at the bottom of the RC 11 manifest a solid stand and decouple the speakers from the floor.

· Rib construction technology for cabinet
· Three separate cabinets · 4-ways
· 4 x 9"-ceramic woofers
· 1 x 7"-ceramic midrange driver
· 2"-diamond midrange driver, 3/4"-diamond tweeter
· Black stone-plated baffle
· 50-dB-high slope frequency crossover, symmetrized
· Threefold room equalization system for bass an highs
· Heavy flagstone
· Bi-Wiring

Available in genuine piano high-gloss black or white
small ribs in any RAL-colour
0 Hz – 1 kHz: ceramics, 1 kHz – 80 kHz: diamond