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Jim Thiel         

THIEL Audio Products Company of Lexington, Kentucky is a privately-held, engineering driven organization that performs research, design, and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the highest quality music and video sound reproduction in the home.

The beauty of THIEL loudspeakers can be traced back to design concepts born from powerfully innovative thinking. For over 30 years, THIEL has woven a nearly magical synergy between engineering brilliance and an unfailing passion to create the most lifelike reproduction of recorded music. Along this quest for sonic perfection, THIEL’s customers, music aficionados, and audio press from around the world have lauded THIEL’s loudspeaker designs as some of the best ever conceived.

THIEL’s design philosophy is based upon a company-wide belief that music and movie soundtracks carry the most emotional weight and best engage the listener when accurately reproduced. In 1978, THIEL debuted the Model 03, which pioneered time and phase accuracy in multi-element dynamic loudspeakers. Jim Thiel’s Model 03 also gave rise to the Coherent Source concept and established a platform upon which all subsequent THIEL speakers would be designed and built.

In the modern era, THIEL has embraced trends toward home theater and multi-room audio with the introduction of subwoofers and architectural speakers (in-wall, in-ceiling, and on-wall designs) like none other on the market. These unique products provide previously unrealized levels of performance for challenging applications without sacrificing any of THIEL’s revered engineering principals.

Over the last three decades, THIEL loudspeakers have come to be known for outstanding performance yet unmistakable value. THIEL has amassed a staggering 55 accolades from international press, including the high performance audio industry’s most prestigious publications. These include 22 Innovations Design & Engineering awards, 6 Absolute Sound / The Perfect Vision Editor’s Choice awards, and combined 11 Product of the Year awards from Stereophile, Electronic House, and Stereosound Magazines. The venerable THIEL CS3.6 loudspeaker was also named by Stereophile as one of the Hot 100 – a group of the most important and influential audiophile components of all time.

THIEL loudspeakers are available throughout the USA and in over 30 countries worldwide. We are quite proud that our company has become almost as well known for unthinkably high levels of customer care as it has for our 14 available speaker models. It is our mission here at THIEL to develop and build the world’s finest loudspeakers, delivering the ultimate music and movie playback experience to our discriminating customers.

We invite you to browse our website at, or contact us by phone or e-mail if you would like to learn more about our exceptional products.