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GamuT Audio

It's about the music

We are in the business of providing musical revelations to discriminating connoisseurs. There are no shortcuts to reach the goals we set, so yes - our solutions are in the very expensive category. Likewise - our solutions are not all friendly to the living room and they do tend to use a little more power than the energy consultants would like them to. However, we honestly think that the sacrifices made to bring you our musical revelations are very, very worth it. And we're confident that you'll see what we mean, as soon as you hear it.

A quest for improvements

There are no end stations or world champions in high fidelity. All products can be developed to sound and perform better tomorrow than they did yesterday. As all enthusiasts know, the quest for improvement is a life long journey that is fuelled by the love of music. We are happy and enthusiastic travellers on this journey, and when you decide on becoming a GamuT owner, you have chosen to travel with real explorers and frontrunners - not with the crowd.

Dedication is not enough

Most good hi-fi products are created by spirited men with dedication and passion for music. That's not a bad platform, but taking things from good to great requires more than just that. At GamuT we work on the boundaries of today's technology and lead the way in both acoustics and psychoacoustics research. The scientific approach is not speedy and sexy, but it works for the musical experience in a way that most people appreciate instinctively when they listen to music reproduced on our equipment.