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The Phi5 is the smallest of our floor-standing speaker in our Phi series.

The beautiful Phi5 was developed by using all of the proprietary technology found in our L-series and its state of the art technical design delivers all the 3D imaging, resolution, detailing, dynamics and transparency you
would expect from any GamuT product.

The Phi5 introduces our Auto Aligning Feet that

features a twistable knob to eliminate resonances in the coupling between the speaker and the floor.

With its three proprietary GamuT designed 5,5' woofers and a newly optimized dual ring radiator tweeter, the performance of the Phi5 sets new standards for speakers in its size and price range.
Prepare to be amazed by the GamuT Phi5.

Use the Phi5 as the main speaker in a 2-channel setup, or in an exclusive surround setup in combination with the Phi3 and Phi-LCR.