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The Phi 7 is our highest performance speaker in the PHi series.

Using all the knowledge gained during the development of the GamuT L-series, the Phi7 will amaze you with its dynamic contrast and resolution, its unparalleled 3D imaging, impact and bass extension. The mid range works in perfect unison with the 4 woofers due to our proprietary DC Coupled Midrange technology and our Acoustic Coupled Driver technology to bring your audio experience to new levels.

The tall baffle with the woofers distributed over its height gives an excellent acoustic coupling to the listening room and assures maximum control over resonances generated in the listening room itself.
Treat yourself to experience audio excellence provided by the Phi7. The Phi7 will boost you expectations of the performance level possible to achieve from speakers designed with a true architectural approach in mind.

We recommend using the Phi7 as your main speaker in a 2-channel setup, or as part of a surround system experience in combination with any of the speakers in the Phi series.