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power supply


It is hard to imagine modern house or apartment without electricity.

Almost all household appliances uses electricity. The newer device so it is "smarter" and more dependent on a stable power supply for the correct operation of the microprocessor, program memory, etc.

A temporary loss of electricity is not a problemfor simple devices like an iron or vacuum cleaner. But it is not convenient or even unacceptable for a number of other devices. It is unacceptable for medical equipment that supports the process of treatment or life support and for audio-video equipment. For example, in projector lamp bulb may just explode after the loss of electricity.

Many modern houses are equipped with "smart house", which just need a quality, uninterrupted power.

It may be solved in two ways:

- by local setting compact uninterruptible power supply (UPS) near serviced equipment (such as a home theater only to service the equipment in it, or near a computer and only for its use);

- by global setting powerful UPS for the entire house or apartment. At the same time to reduce the load on the UPS and cheaper solutions can be divided circuit devices requiring UPS circuit and with devices that do not need it. But you can not do this and leave the house on the UPS that will allow you do not notice the loss of voltage, ripple, etc. But in this case its reserve power for the whole house should be higher and the cost accordingly too.

Duration of maintaining power in the UPS depends on the power of the connected load and battery power that it uses.

There are two ways to connect UPS which is supplying the whole house:

- it is enough to calculate the battery power pack during the short power outage.

- and it is necessary to share the UPS with diesel generator during the prolonged power failures.

In this case, the short-term electricity outage the UPS will work on batteries, but if it drags on time, he will give the team a diesel generator to start and go to work from a diesel generator. Once the supply voltage resumes UPS returns to work from the mains and turn off the diesel generator. The UPS will provide a constant power supply over all these switches and you will not notice a second ripple.

With the loss of electricity in the network even for a few seconds without using UPS all settings on your smart electronics will be lost.

In addition to solving the problem of power loss in the network, double-conversion UPS do supply very high quality signal, removing all ripple and noise on the line, which improves the operation of the equipment. Especially for audio and video equipment as well as all digital technology.

Good electricity supply is the key for healthy equipment's life!