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Multiroom system provides audio or audio-video signal to more than one location without the presence in each room visible equipment.

Equipment is located in special premises or in the most convenient location in one room, and sends a signal to the other areas where are located control panels, TV-sets and built in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. Such a system allows independent total control of the selected zone,chosing, managingand adjusting the volume level of the chosen source (satellite receiver, terrestrial TV, movies and music on the media server, surveillance camera, FM-tuner, iPod, etc.)

These solutions are often used outdoors, where it is difficult to place equipment for a long time. Usually, loudspeakers are invisible to the eye and installed in-wall, in-ceiling or decorated to the area design.

Configuration of multiroom system can be extremely various and our task is to find the most comfortable solution for each space at your apartment.