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Karaoke systems become more and more popular among the types of entertainment. Almost each holiday includes karaoke. It entertain and relaxe guests, create warm and make more pleasant atmosphere of a holiday. It is great advantage to have such a system in your home or restaurant.

Karaoke system consists of karaoke media center, microphones, mixing console, amplifier and speakers. Such karaoke system has opportunity to analyze the quality of the singer's performance and give an assessment. More over professional system includes sound effects processor and lighting effects devices.

Database of karaoke songs contains over 40 000 songs in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. You can subscribe for updates of your songs database. Also on karaoke media center downloaded over 5000 original video clips, which are synchronized with karaoke songs.

The system is pretty simple in use. After a professional setup it will bring much pleasure to its owner and his guests.