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Howard Sosna became interested in stereo equipment at an early age, building speakers and Heathkit electronic components for himself along the way. In 1990, Howard entered the audio industry as a consultant for several well known high-end companies.

Joe Kubala has also been involved with audio equipment since college. After graduating with an engineering degree, Joe became more involved with the technical aspects of audio through an electronics course; along with designing and bread-boarding a few DC power supplies and amplifier circuits.

As audiophiles, both men have been involved with designing their own listening rooms; including specifying construction materials and techniques; selecting every component; and completely wiring the rooms for stereo and surround systems themselves. Both rooms are considered to be fine examples of high-end systems by those who have experienced them.

Howard’s involvement in audio deepened when he started consulting. His responsibilities ranged from setting up demo rooms for audio shows, to being part of the design team for new product development. During this time Howard became very aware of the influence of different cabling on the performance of the various systems he was putting together.

At about the same time, Howard began planning and building a new home. As he considered his alternatives for how to cable both the two-channel and surround portions of his system, Howard successfully designed and constructed cables that out-performed the best wires that he could purchase at the time by "thinking outside the box".

On several occasions over the next few years, Howard became aware of new performance levels being established in the cable industry. Once again, he found a way to equal or better those performance levels with his designs. At this point, the projects were personal in nature, but a fire was being lit inside Howard at the possibility of bringing the designs to market.

That fire was fueled further when the ideas that would turn out to be the foundation for OptimiZ™ Architecture came to Howard when he was designing new power cords for his amplifiers. Once again, his "outside the box" designs out-performed the best commercially available cables, but this time by a wider margin.

Joe Kubala of Kubala-Sosna Research Joe KubalaHoward Sosna of Kubala-Sosna Research Howard Sosna

Reviews & Awards

The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award 2010

The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice 2009


PFO Review - Elation!

"... I am now prepared to elevate the new and quite phenomenal Kubala-Sosna Elation Interconnects, Speaker Cables, and AC Cords to State of the Art... My congratulations to Kubala-Sosna and their design team for elevating my listening experience to new celestial heights of realism with the Elation. Recommended reproduction of their music where cost is no object."

Robert H. Levi - Download full PDF copy

Mike Valentine Review - Elation!

"Every aspect of every track we played was improved when using the “Elation” cables. The non scientific reaction for everyone who listened – was a huge smile!"

Mike Valentine - Download full PDF copy

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