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Compli Blu 3D

The Best Blu-Ray Reproduction on the Planet. Period.

Theta Digital's Compli Blu 3D, the latest and most powerful in a long line of transports, is designed to bring the optimum digital sound quality and video performance from the company whose expertise in this field spans over two decades.

We believe our new Compli Blu 3D exceeds the performance of its predecessor.

The Compli Blu 3D, like all the other transports before it, is based on a manufacturing kit obtained from a third party, then optimized by Theta Digital's experts to bring it up to our high standards. In the past, we've partnered with Sony, Phillips and Pioneer. This time, we're pleased to again partner with Oppo, whose recent transports have garnered quite a following. Both Oppo and Theta Digital are delighted to bring this top performing product to you, and to build upon the already desirable performance of the BDP-95 and establish yet another benchmark of performance by Theta Digital in the transport product category.

As it becomes available during its product life-cycle, updated firmware for the Compli Blu 3D will be posted in the Downloads area of Theta Digital's website here

Here is the core of what Theta Digital has done this time around to "turbo charge" an existing transport:

  1. Heavy 16 gauge steel chassis for rigidity.

  2. Removed all analog audio circuitry to eliminate any possible interference with the digital audio.

  3. Positions of transport mechanism and display have been swapped. Lowering the mechanism allows for elimination of an intermediary mounting bracket and long standoffs, resulting in greater rigidity.

  4. Completely rigid mounted mechanism replaces the original spring mounted system.

  5. Special 3M adhesive damping material used on drawer assembly, further reducing vibration energy.

  6. RS-232 control is included as a standard.

  7. Custom designed front panel PCB.

  8. Custom designed analog power supply, which includes the following:

    1. An 80 Watt ultra-quiet toroidal transformer.

    2. Additional, independent 10 Watt transformer for Standby circuit.

    3. A total of 7 Amps of power available to supply the unit.

    4. Four independently rectified and regulated power supplies.

    5. Over 40,000 uF filter capacitance, in small, low ESR multiples.

    6. 2 oz. gold plated copper used throughout.

  9. Proprietary Theta Digital customized software for superior performance, and that can be easily updated through USB port on the rear panel, or via Ethernet connection to Theta Digital's website.

  10. Standard thick, brushed aluminum alloy cover provides better sonics and aesthetics as it reduces vibration energy further.

  11. 1/2" thick Tower and Faceplate matches other Theta Digital products.

In short, you are going to love the way the Compli Blu 3D performs!

Read A Review!

"Using versatility and performance as yardsticks, this new model (Compli Blu) from Theta Digital potentially, at least, comes near the top of the list and, perhaps, at the absolute pinnacle."

Alvin Gold, Hi-Fi Choice

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