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Coherent Source® Loudspeaker

The SCS4 is a versatile, two-way, bookshelf-sized speaker system that provides outstanding front, rear, or center channel performance in multi-channel or two channel systems. The SCS4’s high output capability satisfies the demanding equirements of today’s home theater systems. In addition, the SCS4’s unusual coaxial driver mounting allows great placement flexibility by ensuring that every listener hears the sound from both drivers at exactly the same time, regardless of where and in what orientation the speakers are placed. But, most importantly, the
SCS4 provides exceptionally realistic and dynamic sonic performance because it incorporates the same innovative THIEL technologies that are used in our much more expensive products.

Innovative, very low distortion drivers
The SCS4 uses a very low distortion, high output, metal diaphragm 6.5-inch woofer that is coaxially mounted with a 1-inch, high output metal dome tweeter, one based on the high performance tweeter that is used in THIEL’s flagship model CS3.7. The woofer’s short coil/long gap, copper stabilized motor system greatly reduces distortion, and its reinforced metal diaphragm is specially shaped to reduce diffraction of the tweeter’s energy.

Unique, robust cabinet construction

The extremely robust cabinet contributes to the SCS4’s exceptional sonic clarity. The front baffle is made of die-cast aluminum that is much stiffer than the usual MDF, providing a very secure mounting for the drivers.  This rigid baffle casting reduces unwanted vibrations and driver recoil that obscures and degrades sonic clarity. The other cabinet panels are made of 1” thick MDF, unified and reinforced with thick braces. Such robust construction used in a cabinet of these compact dimension results in a level of strength and vibration resistance equal to that
found on much more expensive products.

Time and Phase correct Coherent Source® design

As with all THIEL loudspeakers, the SCS4 utilizes a phase correct crossover system to eliminate phase distortion. The coaxial midrange/tweeter mounting provides perfect time coherence regardless of listener position or whether the cabinet is oriented vertically or horizontally. The SCS4’s time and phase coherence and coaxially mounted, low distortion drivers provide a very high level of clarity and realism for all types of sound reproduction.

The SCS4 is available in Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, and Black Ash real wood finishes.