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about Audio Art


"Audio Art" company was founded on April 19, 1999 and in the beginning it was a High End stereo system and home theater system store. In our store we've designed comfortable demo-rooms where a client could compare the sound of different audio systems or the image quality of home theater projectors. Today, our audio/video rooms have been updated with demonstrations of the “Smart House”, which is intelligent equipment and lighting control system.

Due to the constant aspiration to better sound quality, development began in another important aspect of every High End system – room acoustics. As for now our company has gained wide experience in this vital part of comfortable high quality sound creation.

Building on our great success in the Ukrainian market, we decided to open a new page in our history. In 2006 we started to distribute several well-known and exquisite High End brands which had not been represented in our market earlier. As of today we carry an impressive list of brands, including Jadis Electronics, Manley Laboratories, Theta Digital, Gauder Akustik (formerly known as Isophon), Kubala-Sosna, GamuT Audio and Thiel Audio.

Having frequently encountered energy supply problems such as low-level network voltage and power failures, the specialists in our company started developing solutions in this area. That is why today the very initial and fundamental stage of any High End system construction involves securing an uninterruptable power supply (for individual pieces of equipment or for the whole object).

Each new system installation led us to believe that a customer needs something more than just audio/video equipment. We started to offer lighting control and multi-zone broadcasting, which step by step grew into the smart house. This branch of development proved so effective that it became as high in demand as High End audio/video systems, and in many cases has become the dominant priority. We implement systems based on Control4, Crystron and AMX, which are highly-rated all over the world.

In addition, we offer karaoke systems, which have became very popular in recent years.

In selecting components for a system we do not stick to one particular brand. We choose components on the basis of their sound and image quality, compatibility, design, reliability and ease of use. Our mission is to create a quality system that will bring true pleasure and joy to its owner.